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Aurora borealis (nordlys) er en synlig visning av elektrisk ladede atompartikler fra solen som kommer i kontakt med jordens magnetfelt.

Shaping Norway as a Space Nation

The Norwegian Space Agency (NOSA) is operating on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. We coordinate Norwegian space policy and industry to develop the Norwegian space sector. 

About us

Stories from the Norwegian Space Industry

Illustrasjon av en Ariane 6.

International Cooperation

We are actively participating in the European Space Agency´s (ESA) initiatives, the EU space program and have bilateral agreements with several countries and organisations.

International Cooperations

Illustrasjon av NorSat-1

Norwegian Small Satellites and Space Infrastructure

Norway has developed a space infrastructure for both commercial and governmental use.

National Satellites, Ground Stations and Organisations

Norge sett fra rommet om natten.


The Norwegian space sector has a yearly turnover of NOK 11 billion. This is the first survey estimating key figures for the Norwegian space sector.