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New International System for Aircrafts

The system from Indra Navia will enhance runway efficiency and reduce delays for aircrafts. 

October 3, 2023

Indra Navia provides advanced solutions for ground-to-aircraft communication, aircraft landing systems, and airport control tower systems. The company has secured funding from the Norwegian Space Agency and the European Space Agency's voluntary programs to develop an innovative aircraft landing system.

Indra Navia's Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) relies on data from satellite navigation systems such as GPS and Galileo. GBAS enables aircraft to land with decreased spacing even in low visibility conditions, resulting in improved runway efficiency and fewer delays.

The approaches will also become shorter, thus leading to reduced CO2 emissions from the aircraft. Additionally, it will be easier to achieve approaches that result in less noise in the areas surrounding the airport.

All of this is crucial for airports and airlines as it allows them to maintain full traffic regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, it results in reduced expenses and increased customer satisfaction.

Given the critical nature of the new landing system for flight safety, rigorous testing and verification procedures with exceptionally high standards are essential. This extensive process spans multiple years, and Indra Navia has received support throughout the development phase.