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Norsk Romsenter befinner seg i Drammensveien 165 på Skøyen i Oslo.

Name change at the Norwegian Space Centre

The Norwegian Space Centre is now called the Norwegian Space Agency.

The Norwegian Space Centre was established as a government body when Norway became a member of the European Space Agency in 1987. At that time, Space Centre was a common part of the names of national space organisations.

Today a centre can be many things, like a space theme centre or a launch base like Andøya Space Center.

“Norsk Romsenter is an established name in Norway, but internationally we have noticed that in some cases there have been some confusion as to what our role and functions are. That’s why we have changed from Space Centre to Space Agency,” says Marianne Moen, Communication Director at the Norwegian Space Agency.

“The Agency moniker indicates that we are a government body and reflects our position and tasks in a better way, especially for those out there that don’t know us that well,” she says.

Moen stresses that the Norwegian name, Norsk Romsenter, will remain as is.