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Welcome to the Global Space Conference on Climate Change

01 March, 2023

GLOC 2023 is organized by the IAF and hosted by the Norwegian Space Agency.

Jorda sett fra ISS. Foto: ESA.

Norway's participation in ESA to remain unchanged

17 November, 2022

The Norwegian Government will keep its budget for the European Space Agency at the current level.

Norge sett fra rommet om natten. Foto: NASA/ESA

Norwegian pavilion at international space conference

16 September, 2022

The Norwegian Space Agency (NOSA) leads the Norwegian delegation to IAC 2022. 

Launch of sounding rocket from Andøya Space Center. Photo: ESA/J. Makinen

Green light for satellite launch base at Andøya in Norway

08 October, 2021

Will make Norway one of the few countries capable of launching satellites from its own territory.

NorSat-3 monitors ship traffic. Illustration: Norwegian Space Agency

Norway's new satellite detects radar signals from ships

29 April, 2021

NorSat-3, launched successfully on the 29th of April 2021, will improve monitoring ship traffic from space.

NorSat-TD is a new Norwegian satellite for demonstrating technology in space. Illustration: Space Norway

Agreement signed with the Netherlands for Norway's new satellite

20 January, 2021

NorSat-TD will demonstrate new technologies from France, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway.

Satellitter kan brukes til å holde øye med avlinger over hele verden. Foto: ESA

United Nations and Satellites: Making Good Use of Space

25 October, 2020

75 years after the United Nations was established, the organization aims to make the world a better place with the help of satellites. Norway plays a central role in this work.

A solid national budget for Norway's activities in space

07 October, 2020

The new national budget expands Norway's participation in ESA's and EU's space programs as well as the allocations for the national utilization of these programs.

The planned Norwegian satellite Norsat-1. Illustration: T. Abrahamsen

Pioneering ship traffic detection from space

21 September, 2020

Norway's first AIS satellite launched 10 years ago and was one of the first to monitor maritime traffic from space.

Norsk Romsenter befinner seg i Drammensveien 165 på Skøyen i Oslo.

Name change at the Norwegian Space Centre

05 February, 2019

The Norwegian Space Centre is now called the Norwegian Space Agency.