Focus Areas

The Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) has a down-to-earth approach to space activities. A principal aim is to foster high-tech ventures based on work for the European Space Agency (ESA). That aim has been attained and has triggered spinoff business.
Satellites ease the staggering task of keeping an eye on extensive Norwegian waters. So satellite monitoring of the seas is an area in which Norway has developed key applications.

Norway has long been involved in and has attained international prominence in selected areas of space research, such as solar physics and Sun-Earth interaction, including Aurora research. NSC supports broader space research through ESA’s scientific programme.

The high latitude of the country, particularly of northern Norway with the Svalbard archipelago, is an asset. Andøya is an ideal place to launch rockets that help study the Aurora, and a ground station on Svalbard can access data from all satellites in polar orbit. NSC aims to strengthen these activities.

Focus is the keyword for all NSC activities. With the limited resources of a small country, Norway focuses on areas in which worthwhile results can be achieved.